The intelligent way of interacting with customers. - The A.I. Driven Customer Interaction Platform. Services

Intelligence infused into all interaction. designs and develops bots that can do almost anything imaginable - from taking food orders and accepting payments, to running customer service chats and booking a flight.

We don't just create bots, but we create amazing customer experiences and service with the use of A.I..

The intelligent way of interacting with customers

A.I. Driven Customer Interaction Platform.

Bots are great! But where do they fit in your organization? Bots are not here to replace humans, there are here to help humans. And become valuable colleagues. There needs to be an environment where humans and bots can work together.

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These are our champions.

Dennis Hooijmans - COO Media Markt Netherlands

"Our top goal is customer satisfaction. With the application of we can improve our customer contact, provide 24/7 service and surprise customers by responding quickly and efficiently to the customer journey. By developing a concept together with that can also be used in stores, we want to make Artificial Intelligence a common phenomenon in retail."


Complexity made easy.

Flow AI doesn't just create an AI assistent that can answer your customers questions using chat. But can also present customised widgets with rich interaction for example showing your customer an instruction video or a widget with secure payment with Credit Card.

We even present and contextual input fields when a different kind of input is needed. When a customer has to type in their password, we change the text input to secure input.


Let your customers use natural language to communicate with your company. Our AI interpets the question and gives the right answer. We can even pass the conversation to a real person, so the customer never loses the experience.


You can present your customers rich customised widgets that can be designed as you wish and can have complex interaction.

Contextual input

When the chat input needs to be something else than text. For example when the user is typing a password. You can use the contextual input to change input fields.

Bot academy

Build, train, analyse and improve.

A bot doesn't just increase customer satisfaction but can help business to act quickly on customer needs. And our machine learning can help you out by learning from every customer that interacts with your business.

Chat history

With chat history you can build an accurate profile of your customer. This will help you understand the personal needs of the customer so you can give the best possible experience and service.

Active Log

We collect everything the customer asks. This way we can see to which questions we couldn't answer and directly implement this in the dialogue. So the next customer will get this question answered.

Machine learning

The more customers interact with you, the less effort it will cost you to figure out how a question can be asked by the customer. Our AI Machine learning will do that for you.

About us

Designers and technologists with a vision.

We're a passionate team that believe that AI is new way of interacting with your customers. This is the start of the AI-driven economy.

Our team of designers and technologists are working hard to realise a vision of Artificial Intelligent Assistant that will boost consumer satisfaction and increase revenue while simultaneously reducing costs. is based in the Netherlands.


We are looking for Real Intelligence to help us with Artificial Intelligence.

Your resume and experience are important. Sure. But most of all we are looking for passion and love for what you do. Don't come to work for us. Come to work with us. Let's make some insanely great stuff.